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Different types of access people might have to their properties.


Should You Install A Swimming Pool?

A question that many homeowners ponder.


Power Of Attorney And The Benefits Thereof.

The important role a power of attorney can play in regards to buying or selling real estate.


Oh No! The Appraisal Came In Low.

What happens when a property that is being sold does not appraise for its contract price.


Mortgage Loan Officers. What’s Important To Know About Them?

The important role loan officers play in the home buying (and therefore selling) process.


The Agent or The Company? Which Is More Important When Choosing A Real Estate Agent?

The importance of taking greater care in choosing an agent than in choosing a real estate firm.


Competing With Others to Buy a House?

A few tips to put the odds in your favor when trying to purchase a home when there are multiple offers.


Home Inspectors: Chicken Little (the sky is falling)vs Rational Realist

The importance of home inspections and choosing the right home inspector.

New Construction vs Re-sale Houses. Which Is Best?

The pros and cons of older and newer homes.

Negotiating Home Inspections

Which is best; a credit for repairs or actually having the work done.

Home Warranties. Yes or No?

Should sellers offer them? Should buyers ask for them?

Settlement / Title Companies vs Attorneys

Should home buyers and sellers turn to a real estate attorney or a settlement / title company for help with their closing?