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Different types of access people might have to their properties.

Should You Install A Swimming Pool?

A question that many homeowners ponder.

Power Of Attorney And The Benefits Thereof.

The important role a power of attorney can play in regards to buying or selling real estate.

Oh No! The Appraisal Came In Low.

What happens when a property that is being sold does appraise for its contract price.

The Photographer Is Coming!

Tips on how to prepare when pictures are about to be taken of your house prior to listing it for sale.

Giving Some Thought To Your Landscape Will Pay Off.

The importance of a well landscaped yard in selling selling your home.

Let The Sun Shine In!

The importance of having your home well-lit when potential buyers come to see it.

Negotiating Home Inspections

Which is best; a credit for repairs or actually having the work done.

Home Warranties. Yes or No?

Thoughts on home warranties. Should sellers offer them? Should buyers ask for them?

Should sellers depersonalize their homes before listing?

Whether or not personal photos should be removed from one’s home prior to listing it for sale.

Lower Price or Closing Costs Paid? What Do Buyers Want?

Why many buyers would rather a seller pay their closing costs than reduce their price.

What’s That Smell?!

The effects odors (pleasant and unpleasant) can have on the sale of properties.

Make Improvements or Give a Decorating Allowance?

“Which is better… to make improvements to your property before listing it or offer a credit so the buyer can do their own thing?”

$300,000 or $299,900. Does it really matter?

Whether or not asking $100 less for your house can really make a difference.

Open Houses.  to do…or Not to do

The pros and cons of holding open houses when marketing real estate.

When is the Best Time of Year to List Your House For Sale?

Is there a right time to “hit” the market? Does it matter?


To Stage…or Not To Stage?

 Whether or not a homeowner should Stage their house prior to selling it.

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Seay Real Estate will either buy your house or sell it for more to someone else.

Owner financing to lessen your tax burden and earn a higher rate of return

A potential alternative to investors who want to sell their houses, minimize taxes, and earn higher rates of return than traditional savings plans offer.